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Aside from our expertise in toll blending and our ability to flavor-match virtually any product on the market, BlendTech maintains a comprehensive library of existing formulas. Large-capacity dry spice blenders enable us to fill a wide range of orders quickly and accurately. Our products are blended in segregated, climate-controlled production rooms to ensure the highest degree of food safety and quality, batch after batch.

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Liquid Blending

BlendTech is at the forefront of today’s trend toward liquid blending. Our proven expertise blending spice extracts, natural flavors and colors enables BlendTech clients to achieve intense flavor and color options at a fraction of the cost of dry spices. By converting your current dry spice formulas to customized liquid formulas, we can offer you significant advantages including:

  • Reduced product costs, shipping costs, and storage costs

  • Oil soluble and water-soluble flavor systems

  • Inclusion of functional ingredients such as antioxidants and antimicrobials

  • Enhanced food safety – spice extracts and natural flavors are inherently low in microorganisms

  • Enhanced flavoring – specialized smoke and grill flavors increase taste appeal without increasing costs


Sauce & Marinade

Consumers are looking for bold flavor option to pair with their meals.  Sauce and marinade addition is one of the fastest growing trends in the food industry.

  • Enhanced flavor opportunities that provide more flavor impact than normal dry blends.

  • Endless flavor combinations – specialized smokes, alcohols, color and latest trends.

  • Safe and shelf stable

  • Food Safety – function ingredients can be incorporated into a single system.

Custom Packaging

Our operational flexibility offers clients all the benefits of customized packaging for their seasonings, even in limited quantities. Our low minimums and high-quality production are an ideal match for your objectives.

BlendTech’s packaging capabilities include:

  • Form, fill and seal operations for packaging of all sizes, small-to-large

  • Bottling line to co-pack your retail line

  • Bulk commercial packaging for superior cost savings

  • Guaranteed quality assurance: Overseen by our fulltime QA staff, our HACCP-certified system of check weights, screens, metal detectors and other measures ensure the safety, integrity and consistency of your seasonings batch after batch.




Our relationships with global supplier ensure quick and cost-competitive acquisition of raw materials for your products.  Sourcing direct from the growing regions is ideal for providing the most current crop for manufacturing.  All materials must meet the strict requirements of our supplier approval program to guarantee that consistent quality is always maintained.




Our warehouses are all controlled by BlendTech, and are held to the strict standards of our Food Quality and Safety programs.  Maintaining floor stocks of your products adds the advantages of just-in-time shipping options, without the risk of stock-outs.

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